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Hello everyone!

I'm from Italy.

I'm quite new to hackint0shing, but not completely: I succeded in installing 10.6.7 and now I wanted to move to Lion, but I found some issues with my Graphic Cards.

I've been a (real)Mac user for 10 (!) years until, 3 years ago, decided to quit and go Windows :-( merely for economical reasons (I needed cheaper machines to go on with my work).

A friend of mine triggered my interest in Hackint0sh, which would allow me to go back to Mac with my present gear.


I'm quite at ease with both OSX and Windows 7, but I've got no skill at all in programming languages.

I've spent many many hours trying to get my Hack to work, but I think now I need some expert advice, if possible.

Any help would be appreciated.


I'm a musician, I work with ProTools HD systems. I'd like to share my skills with anyone who needs them.


Thank you in advance


My gear:

Supermicro X8DAE Mb

2 x 2.39GHz Westmere Xeons

12 GB Ram

Apple NVIDIA GT 120 / Sapphire ATI HD 5570 / Sapphire ATI HD5750 / ASUS EN8400GS SIlent Graphic Cards

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