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-I'm from Brazil.

-I have never used a hackintosh before.

-I tried many different approaches but none worked. My bigger problems: I don't have at the moment any Mac to make the installer. I'm coming from Linux [ubuntu]. My only "mac-able" machine is a sandy bridge one, so if I get it right, even a VM would have to be a Lion.

-Here in Brazil Macs are insanely expensive, around 70% more than in the US. I got tired of people telling me how good Macs are and decided to see by myself. I like to look "under the hood". In this case is my desite not only to run a hackintosh, but to understand how it's possible.

-I guess I should be considered as Intermediate.

-Right now I'm trying to learn Java. Have been in and out of many languages but never learned properly any.

-I'm good in seeing different approaches for solving problems, usually the easier ones. (:

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