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hi every one,


i'm E.hunt

i live in Egypt

i'm a student in the interior design department at helwan university , faculty of applied arts .

i haven't use a hackintosh before but I intend to hackintosh my asus g74sx-a1 laptop ... so basically i'm new to this .

i don't have any experiences in hackintoshing but i found that the guide here is too helpful after a lot of searching .

i'm interested in hackintosh because of my work as a designer which is so easy to do with a mac OS based computer (there is a design programs which are much better to work with if they are installed on mac OS) ... so my interest is because of my work .

my computer skills level on a scale of 5 is like 3/5 .

i have a very good experience with windows operating systems from window 95 to windows 7 64-bit which is my current OS on my laptop and i would like to have a double boot (windows 7 & 10.7 max os lion) after i hackintosh it (i wish that will be easy).

i don't have any experience in programming languages .

i think that is all

thank you for reading




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