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Help with ASUS G74SX-A1


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hi there,

i just want to ask about some thing

step one in the guide must be done on a mac computer ??? i don't have one but i will do it on my friend's macbook pro

after i prepare the installation device (USB Stick) and put the mac os on it ready to be installed then i put it on my laptop (asus g74sx-a1) and then start to boot from it or what???

i just don't understant that part (frist prepare the USB Stick on a mac , Second put the USB on my laptop and boot from it to install the hackintosh) is that correct or what ???


and another thing if i want to remove the mac OS from my laptop what should i do?

sorry for the long statements :oops:

thanks :D

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Yes, you create the USB installation disk from any system running OS X (myHack is an OS X Application).


Then you use the USB installation disk to boot and install OS X on whatever computer you would like to install it on.


If you want to remove OS X from the laptop, you simply delete the partition, and wipe the MBR to remove Chameleon.

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