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Hey folks, I'm from Philadelphia and very new to myHack. I am a Windows/Linux Systems Admin currently who is really looking for something else. I never really got into Macs just due to the price difference. Currently I have properly built an install USB stick based on Mountain Lion and successfully installed it on my system (requires passing npci=0x2000 to boot properly), however I can't login (I'll get to that later).


My interest in myHack comes from a co-worker who pointed me in this direction. I had been telling him that I wish I did not have to run Windows and wished that more games would be ported to linux. He suggested I hackintosh my system. He sent me the link to this site and here I am.


As I stated above, I am a Systems Admin in a primarily linux shop with some Windows servers sprinkled in to meet specific needs. I currently support mostly java based web apps, in house Exchange and I handle all of the datacanter.


Looking forward to talking with everyone and hopefully becoming a contributor eventually, I have a whole bunch to learn.

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