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Solved Installing Myhack no password for root permissions


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My wifes Imac uses no password to keep it simple as possible.

I was going to install Myhack on it for building a USB boot stick for a project PC but I get this error:

"myHack requires root permissions via sudo to perform the installation. Please enter your password to install"

I don't use one and it won't accept a blank field.

Any other software has not asked for this or if it did it would accept a blank password field as I have not seen this error before.

Does anyone have a tip?


The simple solution was to change the Admin password to a word now I will need to enter it anytime the software updates or new Software is installed makes it a pain and just like a PC

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Sorry I didn't reply sooner I have been very busy, but yes I was going to suggest 2 things.


1) Setup an Admin password.


2) NEVER use a system without an Admin password, this is very dangerous, having your system hacked is much more of an inconvenance (a potentially serious one) than having to remember a password for administrative tasks.

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