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I live in North Carolina, USA, where I moved after retiring from The New York Times, where I worked for 30 years. I have no experience with Hackint0shing, having never seen a non-Apple built machine except on YouTube, but I have built a number of PCs in the past. I gravitated to the use of Macs after studying video and web content creation in the late nineties at NYU in NY, and gradually put together a portable video / audio studio, including 3 Sony cameras, a full complement of lighting and sound equipment and 2 Mac Pros and 2 MacBook Pros for content creation and editing, all of which (except one MacBook Pro) were stolen in the first few months after I moved here in Feb of 2010, along with all of the rest of my equipment.

So, I am in the process of gathering together more equipment, but I make much less money in retirement, so I am looking for ways to save money by Hackint0shing. Recently, I acquired a couple of HP xw6200 dual Xeon workstations, and have been seeking advice on how to make them work with Mac OS. I've seen several xw8600s with Mac OS X on YouTube, but no xw6200s, but they are closely related machines, so I am hoping it can be done. I have yet to explore the archived posts here, so I don't know if anyone contributing here has used that specific machine. If you know of anyone who has, I would appreciate a steer in the right direction.I also took courses in Java, C++ and Visual Basic, but that was over 10 years ago, so my actual programming skills have withered away.

Well, that's a summary of my entry-level skills. I hope i can learn here what I need to know to build a couple of working editing systems that will run Final Cut Pro. After Effects and Photoshop.


Paul (kludgehammer)

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