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Hello everybody,


I am living in Yokohama, Japan. I'm an expat from England.


I am not new to hackintoshing, having built 5 PCs and got SL almost fully functional on all of them. 3 were Gigabyte boards, (775s w/ Q9550 or 9560 CPUs); a DFI P45 (Q9550) and my current X58 Asus Gene II i7 920 board running both SL 10.6.8 and Lion 10.7.3. on external USB drives.


Getting OS X to work on the Gene board took quite a while. It was thanks to the original myHack site and a few others, insanelymac, kexts.com and a few other great resources that I finally got Leopard (10.5) working. At that time, my boot screen read 'taking the iSuck out of iHack''. Going to SL and then Lion became less difficult since I learned a lot from yours and those other sites.


Actually, I thought the myHack site had disappeared since I used to access it via Prasy's Blog. I'm glad I 'rediscovered' it.


I'm no expert with hackintosh or command line or programming etc. but maybe I'll be able to contribute in some modest way.


p.s. looking forward to what comes out of next week's WWDC.


Regards to all.

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