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Well Hello there.


I'm stirkac, from Slovenia. I am using my hackintosh on my pc since early 2010, starting with OSX Snow Leopard and all releases after, including Mountain Lion DP. I quad-boot my PC (quite old Q9300 on GA-p35-D3SL board and GT9800) with Snow Leopard, Win8 RP, Win7 and Mountain Lion. I used to have linux too, but it only wasted HDD space.


I started hackintoshing when reading about many apps which are only available on Mac (iLife suite etc). After a brief tour in virtualbox, I decided to go for it. I googled instructions and got it working after countless KP's.


I am an self-taught PC (ab)user. My skills include only C# and Java and a little bit of C, but I am keen on learning more. I tend to tweak and mess around with all hardware possible, including my phones, TV and laptop.


I like to help newbies around with getting started. I already composed couple of guides on XDA forums, especially focusing on "newbs" usually polluting the forums with basic questions. After I finish my finals, I will be free-to-help a lot.


I wish to enter this forum because myHack and myFix were the first couple of things I encountered back when I did my first hackintosh, and they were really helpful tools.

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