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Thanks for the site and for MyHack!


-I live near Montreal, Quebec, Canada. English is my second language, after french.


-I am new to hackintosh


-This is my second hackintosh. First was an AMD laptop that I fiddled with for a few month before I slod it. I had used NawCom modcd/modusb with SL original retail DVD. I had moderate success, but never intended on keeping the laptop.


This one is another laptop given to me, HP G50 C2D. I tried TonyHack uniboot (chameleon, stolen and rebranded) without success which ultimately brought me here. MyHack worked like a charm. I have a working 10.7.2/Win7/Ubuntu triple boot on my 250 internal HDD. I am now stuck at DSDT, wich is entirely new to me, to have ethernet (realtek), wifi(atheros), sound(?) working and possibly graphic(GMA3100(x)) working better then just the resolution fix in chameleon (QE/CE)


- I switched (back) to mac in 2005. After tinkering with mini w/osx server, imac and MBP, i am sold to OSX. I sold the mini and MBP not needing them anymore. Now, job has me away more and needed a laptop again, but cant afford a MBP for now and this one was given to mem but windows just dosnt do it for me anymore.


-I am generally computer litterate. I date the DOS days. I tinkered with Linux-Unix(many distros), Win(3.1-7 all version server and workstation in between) and OSX(10.4 and on mainly). I have programmed a little in Basic and C. I have an interest in getting into programming an inhouse app for ipad for my job, but lack the time to learn the language for now. I also got in touch with web hosting my personnal site and a little web programming w/eclipse. I have repaired flyback transformer on an old imac g3, repaired a G4 emac and i am not afraid to open things up on projects.


-I am a pilot, if that can help the community LOL. I also would be eager to share experience, and offer a little spare time if i can help with something(little as i am away for work 2 weeks a month and have a wife and two girls, 1 and 4, wanting me for themselves when i am home). I am a geek and like projects, specially when they are "impossible" and the finally work!


-Hoping this is complete and eager to learn more on the subject!



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