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-Ok well I live in NYC but I am from San Francisco originally.


-I have been into hackint0sh for about half a year now.


-I became invested in hackintoshes when I got sick of using Linux on the computer I built. I preferred OS X far more then Linux and Windows. I have been running OS X on my computer for about half a year already.


- My interest in hackintoshes started when I decided I didn't want to use Linux anymore and I defiantly didn't want windows so I decided to try installing OS X and I loved it.


-Your general computer skill level. I have built a computer, I have programed a little robot that uses ir sensors so it can't fall off a table or run into a wall.


Ive used lots of operating systems. About 10 different distros of Linux. OS 9 a little and every version of OS X. Ive also use Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8.

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