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-Where you are from/where you live. I am from Southern California and I live in the Santa Clarita Area.

-How long you have used a hackint0sh (if this is your first time, state that you are new to this). Using Hackintosh fairly 2 years now

-A brief summary of your experiences in hackint0shing (if any). I have good experiences in hackintosh with snow leopard and lion currently running lion. i know many things about the hardware and software because i build , upgrade , and repair my own computers and others as well. i am into computer networking systems and very very experienced in networking.

-What triggered your interest in hackint0sh. i learned to use hackintosh when i read i could install on intel pcs.

-Your general computer skill level. i have been and still am using computers since i was in only 5 years old. very experienced with networking and the ability to correct mistakes when i am troubleshooting fairly easy.

-List any technical experience you have in various operating systems and programming languages (if any). i have technical experience because of beta testing software from linux to windows to mac... i have lots of experience from just messing with various computers over the past years

-If you have any talents/skills that you would like to offer to help the community (optional). i run a irc network that is with many great people and the staff is very very helpful and i thank every one of them for such a great time and to experience computer networking altogether is a fun and entertaining with them..

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