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I'm Richard and I'm from London, UK.


I used a Hackintosh netbook for a while last year (Dell Inspiron Mini 10) before saving up enough to get a real Apple laptop. But that felt a bit like cheating, because Mini 10s were so popular as Hackintoshes that there are plenty of tools just for putting/customising OSX onto those machines, so you never had to get your hands dirty.


Now I'm turning my PC into a Hackintosh workstation because I do a lot of graphics/video editing in my spare time, I'm bored of waiting for a new Mac Pro, and I'm only working part-time so I don't want to drop big cash on an out-of-date and overpriced OSX workstation.


I've been using real Macs for a while now, which will hopefully be helpful... my Windows knowledge is a bit rusty as a result but I can still put hardware together with the best of them.





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