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Hello all,


this is Summer-Wind from Germany. I live in the south-western part close to the Black-Forest.

I am new to Hackintoshes, but have a long-time interest in them. I am using MacOs since many years now, but first started with a Windows Pc - it had a 4 MB HDD, which was considered to be huge - and taught myself Dos and then later Windows.

Now my MacBook Pro broke partially, repair is too expensive, and it was time for something new, and there is my chance for a Hackintosh now.

I have some knowledge in Windows in general, a bit of Linux too, and a lot about MacOs. I started to learn Basics at some point, but had no time to get deeper into programming languages. Maybe I pick that up again with IOS and Android.

I'm currently trying to install myHack on a Gigabyte Z68AP-D3 Rev. 1 MB combined with an i7 2600 and an ASUS GTX 560 DirectCU II OC, but need help, as I can't get into the desktop after putting in all the basic informations. I learned a lot about boot flags already, but seemingly can't find the exactly right combination, or my System is a bit too special for a successful install

I read about all the different ways to install Lion on a PC but think myHack is the best option.


Greetings, Summer-Wind

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