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This is gorg from Greece. Long Mac history, having owned lots of Apple stuff since they went MacOSX, jumped to hackintosh when they went x86. I wouldn'd consider a hackbook, my macbook is more than I need for my mobility needs, but Apple's desktop range lacks variety, sensible pricing, and power.


I have built many hackintoshes in the past sometimes successfully othertimes not. Right now I am trying to rebuild/fix an micro-atx hack based on Asus Rampage Gene II (socket 1366) as a second system, if that fails I will have to regress to the 1155 socket where more options (i.e. Gigabyte) are available.


My main machine has been a watercooled hackintosh for the past years, using it for all sort of things, from programming and video editing to internet surfing and gaming. I have upgraded the hardware and software too many times but have managed to stay away from Lion until now (it sucks). Unfortunately, I 'll have to upgrade to (Mountain) Lion ultimately.

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