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Hi All from Melbourne Australia, I've 2 Hackintosh running at the moment. 1 x Core2Duo Dell Optiplex 755 and the other Quad Core Xeon Dell and having only been using them since June 2011 last year. I've been a long time user of Macintosh since MacPlus/MacClassic Days so I have a long history with Apples. The Apple Macs are great machines and my extended family are loving the real thing. My job 2 years ago involves using Windows computer and being a Mac user, I hate having to carry 2 laptops with different OS. Bootcamp is nice but not optimized or friendly on a windows laptop so I bite the bullet and bought a Dell Alienware Laptop dual booting into Mac OS X 10.6 when I need to do Mac stuff. Im still learning the install stuff and it's the first time I've come across myHack.


So I wanted to say Hi all.....



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