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Hello everyone!


I was born in california, raised in nevada, and now back in california residing in Los Angeles for most of the year.


I am a complete n00b when it comes to hackint0sh but I am learning because I am looking into doing this. I was a PC guy, until about 12 when i was introduced to mac. I loved it and kept with it. Now, 8 years later I still want a mac, but being a broke college student i just cant afford it anymore. I'd much rather find a possible solution to hackint0shing a laptop with better specs than a base MBP for a cheaper price.


I would say I have a higher than average computer literacy level. I do work for ITS at my school and fix many basic problems professors and other workers have. I am familiar with the innards of computers, as I have built a desktop with my father before, and I have replaced parts in computers/laptops. But I would never say I am at the level of any programmer or developer.


I am most familiar with OSX .6 & .7 and Win XP. I am becoming more familiar with 7, but i just never use it because of my mac.


Anyways I hope to find a possible hackint0sh solution and begin contributing big time to this forum.

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