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I'm an IT Manager from Kansas that's used Macs in different environments since the mid 90's. I've always been interested in the hackint0sh concept (especially when it's time to fork out for a new Mac) but have never put in the effort to actually thinking about building one until now. I consider my general skill level to be moderately high, but I'm always learning just how much I don't know and striving to fill those gaps.


I don't really do any programming other than the occasional batch file or bash script. I know enough about perl and a few other interpreted languages to modify open source examples to suit my limited needs. I've worked with OSX since it's release (I think I still have my t-shirt from my universities launch event), BeOS before that, several flavors of Linux including SuSE, RedHat, slackware, and more recently Ubuntu. I also have the obligatory Windows experience and currently manage a small business network consisting of ~ 20 clients running on an SBS 2011 domain with internally hosted Exchange.

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