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namato's introduction


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Hi all:


I'm portuguese, 33 years old, married, studied design and printing and i've using mac since i was 16. Now i work in the packaging industry


I already ran leopard (leo4all) at three years ago on a p4 2.4 /1gb ram ocz submersed in oil inside a very nice aquarium, after my macbook pro 2.66/3gb/500gb being stoled at 2 years and a half. i had it for 5 years and it was almost like new!

my wife has a white macbook 2.26gh/2gb, and now i'm trying to dual-boot on my asus n53jq i7/6gb (i play counter-strike and couldn't afford for another new mac).

But before dual-boot i replaced the internal hdd and installed mt lion on it, just to test.

Now i'm trying to get wireless, trackpad (and lets see what else) working and solve a boot0 error - this i passed by il'll keep reading the previous posts, but i'll be happy if someone has some tips for me, specifically to asus n53jq.


see you in the forum!


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