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Hi all!


I'm a 20 years old boy from Hungary, I'm using my hackint0sh for almost a year now, but I'm still pretty new to the hackint0sh community. I started using hackint0sh, because of the speed in Mac OS X, and because I always wanted a Mac, but I cannot afford for one.


I also love to make photos and edit them, when I first looked up on the internet for a good photo editing app, I was amazed how many good apps you can find on OS X for photo editing.

When I first installed Mac OS X Snow Leopard on my hackint0sh, it went pretty smoothly, I had some problems, but I solved them by searching on forums. Now I use Lion (10.7.4) on my hackint0sh.


So that's all I think, I'm happy to be part of a hackint0sh community that helps so much, also thanks for myHack, it is an awesome app, and very helpful! :)



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