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You may call me suspect I am 21 years old, I hail from California. The San Diego area specifically, it's a rather nice area aside from the heat in June and July, and with the added benefit of being close to the yearly comic book convention here, which is always fun.


I have been interested in Hackintosh ever since I first heard about it, back when they made the switch to intel, I actually had it running on an old desktop of mine when I was a bit younger, probably 17 or 18. It didn't work well mind you, so I kicked it to the curb and decided to just stick to windows for the time being. With the recent release of mountain lion I've decided I'd like to use it as my main operating system if I can achieve that, who knows until you try, right? I had Lion running on my laptop as of this week, (in a almost unusable state mind you, cpus=1, etc.) Now that I know it can be done on my platform, I wanted to engross myself in the community to get some help, and perhaps help others!


I have basic experience with windows, (All of my friends come to me for help, I'm sure most of you guys are in a similar position eh?) I don't know any programming tongues, although I did recently become familiar with the unix command line (Kinda a requirement huh?)


I hope to offer the community as much help in return that I receive from you guys, I plan to poke around a bit and see if there aren't some simple questions I can answer before asking a few of my own, after this gets approved of course. (Here's hoping)


Thank you for your time gentlemen.

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