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Hello all:)

My name is Jackie and I live in Maryland :)

I am such a noob to Hacintosh I can't stand it.

I am a technician by trade and have been building/repairing Pcs for years and I work as a tech for the MTA.

I have experience with everything from dos to win 7 and some Linux though mostly the Mint ver. (1st computer was an Atari 800 so that ought to tell you how long I've been doing this:)

What I don't do is Mac and I have always wanted to so this looked like a fun way to learn......ha. Kexts and dsdt's (is that what happens when you go cold turkey from a PC?) and journaled partitions....all new to me

I have a Dell XPS m1330 which I would like to Hackint0sh before I build my Jackint0sh.

I have had some success getting Snow Leopard on it but can't get the Ethernet or Sound to work and when I tinker with it I end up needing to use the USB mouse and keyboard....hmmmm

I have tried myhack and successfully made my 8gig stick but I get a kernel panic (I think) during install bootup. I did it in Verbose mode but don't quite understand what is going on.....

So that's where I'm at and I would like to learn more and hopefully one day be good enough to help others with the Mac as I do with the PC.

Thanks for your time and hope I didn't ramble tooo much! ( I am girl, I'm allowed...lol)

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