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10.8 installer hangs

Tiberiu Dubau

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Cheers Conti, everyone,


I have a quick question for you: is there any way possible to "pause" the installer (booted in verbose mode, -v) after each and everything it does? Something like, the system loads something/does something, finishes, and waits for my say so to go ahead and advance to the next thing on it's list.

The reason I want something like this is beacuse I just made a brand new 10.8 USB installer, and when I try to boot, it does something, changes the resolution once, then it keeps doing it's business, but then, all of a sudden, it just goes blank, and the monitor goes into standby.... And for the life in me, I can't see what it does right before it dies....


Any ideas on what to do next?




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You can 'pause' the installer using the Wait=Yes chameleon flag, however, I don't believe this will help you - the symptom you describe is what happens when ML is booted on a system with unsupported/uninitialized graphics.


Some things to try are PciRoot=1 or GraphicsEnabler=No


What graphics card do you have in this system?

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