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Hello to all!

I am from D.C.


I am a COMPLETE noob to the hackintosh world and have been going through hoops to get my Sony Vaio laptop to boot correctly the TonyCrap way..anyways I'm here!


What triggered my interest in Hackintosh is actually funny because I got bored of the whole Win7 theme and started looking at themes to change my desktop in order to look like a Mac (just boredom). Eventually I got linked to youtube videos of people putting OSX on PCs and I couldn't believe I haven't heard of it before so this is my new project.


My computer skill level is average because I just started in the IT industry 2 years ago. I don't like to give up and I love to Google so I have to get this to work. I have much experience with Windows XP/7 but programming at all.


ps Conti - Thanks for your work I hope I can complete my goal! And this is not relevant at all.. but dammit I love Korean movies: The Man From Nowhere, I Saw the Devil, OLDBOY

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