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I'm aorosa and I've been using a hackintosh since around the EFI-X project come to light. I did buy two EFI-X versions: the first one and then the one that did permit the Leopard installation on a PC. Soon I drop my EFI-X pens to shall to never look at them again. I drop my confidence in those EFI-X guys when a hackintosh community was growing up by that time.


So, let me present myself: I'm a Portuguese guy, 45 yr old, an electrician engineer working at Portuguese nacional grid, and I have a hackintosh made with the following hardware. A Gigabyte GA-P35-DS4 rev2.1, F13 BIOS version, a Geforce MSI N9600GT T2D512, a Areca RAID 1220, 4x1024 GB 1066MHz RAM installed.


I did have Leopard retail Mac OS X installed and working, after that the Snow Leopard, and now I have Mountain Lion to install bought at Apple store.


I also have a macbookpro 13" from late 2010 with Mountain Lion upgrade done.


I also have a Win7Ult x64 workstation by the hackintosh side.


And that's it.

please to meet you guys.


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