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Still waiting for root device


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Hi all.


I created a bootable USB with myhack (Mountain Lion 10.8).

I start with -v

I get the error PCI Configuration Begin.

The result is the same with or without DSDT.


If I install the kexts:





fix the error, but appears Still waiting for root device.


In computer've managed to install Snow Leopard and Leon, without ever having that error.


Know you how I can fix it?

May be my DSDT is wrong?


My hardware:


Laptop ASUS N71JQ

ATI HD 5730 1Gb

Intel Core i7



This is my dsl, one from dsdt editor and other from everest:




and this is my final DSDT


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From the myhack guide:


Symptom: Booting from USB drive the boot process stops at ”EHCI unable to take control from BIOS”, “Still waiting for root device”, or anything else EHCI/UHCI related


Resolution: Boot with USBBusFix=Yes


Symptom: Booting internal drive the boot process stops at “Still waiting for root device”


Resolution: Ensure SATA devices are configured to run in AHCI mode in your system bios


If the USBBusFix=Yes does not help, try using different USB ports, if that fails try to create the installation disk on an internal disk partition rather than a usb.

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USBBusFix donesn 't works for me.

I probe in all USB ports, including a USB 3 port.

Disabling Legacy USB in bios and booting from a e-sata port, identical result.

Booting from hard disc doesn't works. The same error always.

The BIOS is Ok, I have installed Snow and Lion before with the same config.


Need help ;)



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