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Good morning (for the next 3 minutes)


I'm quite new to Hackintoshing - I've been messing around with PCs since I was ten years old, when my dad gave me his old 486DX2 50. I've been pulling apart and destroying machines for nearly 20 years now (Jeez has it been that long?)


I've always had a strong interest in networking, which is my background and have recently started a degree in Information Tech. with a strong focus on cryptography and network security. I recently upgraded to a LGA2011 machine, and the increase inn computing power has allowed me to pursue a long repressed love of Virtual Machines.


I wouldn't consider myself highly skilled with PCs by any means. I've got a tiny amount of Python knowledge (I'm an awful coder :'( ) I can build a PC and configure them fairly adeptly though. I'm currently running Win 7 Ultimate on my i7-3930-k with 32gb RAM, an Ati 7970, an Intel 330 SSD 128gb HD and a WD 3TB SATA HDD. I've also have Ubunutu 12.04, Backtrack, and Win Vista Ultimate set up in VM. I was planning to add Mountain Lion to the list, so I could begin to learn pentesting across a variety of environments.


I also game from time to time. Mostly Forged Alliance, occassionally the odd shooter.


Anyways I discovered this website after trying to install Mountain Lion kinda kicked my ass, and I figured that I'd sign up here as it looks like a rather technical focused community, and maybe in a year or two when I start getting into my degree I may even be able to contribute as well.


Anyways, Hi! Thanks for reading.

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