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(Oh boy, am I bad with introductions. Welp, here goes.)


I'm a 21 year old from Philadelphia, with... perhaps 16 years or so of experience with various computers, I got into things early with a 286 back in 1996. I've been using a Hackintosh for about two months (though, admittedly, not as my main machine). A friend of mine (who has also registered on this board, actually, and I believe is browsing it right now) triggered my interest in getting a Hackintosh up and running with his own attempts to do so, though I really only felt up to it around the time we discovered myHack (and fortunately for both of us, again, I have an MBP as well, making getting into things easier). I've gotten two Hackintosh machines set up since then (an Aspire One D250 and my own custom desktop, both running 10.6.8), though neither of them worked quite out of the box and I had to do some sniffing around for drivers (and in my netbook's case, wifi card replacement) to get everything working perfectly.


As for general computer skill... I'm pretty decent (or at least I'd like to think!) at troubleshooting hardware and software issues, and setting up various operating systems (for both myself, leaning more toward setting up and customizing Windows, Hackintosh and Linux systems, and others, which is mostly just getting a good working Windows install on there). As for programming, I've touched on C++ and Objective-C (though please don't ask me anything about the latter), and have had a bit more experience with PHP, Perl, and QBasic, but haven't really done too much amazing stuff in them.


I'll try to stick around help out whereever I can, although I've only had hackintosh experience on a relatively small range of hardware so I might not be able to do that much.

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