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my name is Giovanni, I live in Italy. Bud is my friendly name, because I'm very big, as Bud Spancer, a famous Italian actor.

Oh yes!


I discover Mac from some month, buy an used one and fall in love with that system, was an OS X Leopard.

For years I have worked on IBM systems and I have good experience in build PC Win or Linux based, so I discover a post on Thom's hardware who explain this way to install an OS X on a PC.

During these month I try many way to install OS x on an old PC (p5q) and on my old Dell Latitude, and ...

searching some way to set up the Dell I found "myHack" as a preferred way to Hackintosh that machine. But not only, so now I love this idea.

I had buy a copy of Snow Leopard, Lion and also Mountain Lion, some USB stick and start to study how to.

I'm not an expert, just try with my experience and capacity. I love to make works a machine blended all the possible way I see from the things I read. And love to grow up my knowledge sharing with the community.

I want learn how to write some driver for some chip to make work propertly OS x in Marvell or Realteck or others chips commonly present in PCs.

I have not more to offer, I have to learn any day but when I learn some new thing I love to share, because is the best way to fix it in mind.


Thanks if you want accept me in your community.


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