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Hello Everyone.





I am a simple computer geek from Yuba City, CA USA 95991


I have never used hackintosh and am new to it


I don't know much on hackintoshing and have little to no knowledge.


I got interested in hackintoshing back when snow leopard was out I found it interesting that you could install MAC OS X on a pc with out having to buy a Mac.


I rate my computer skill 9/10 because I love computers and learn a lot every day I have a great amount of knowledge on how to fix pc's and fix any issues you would have with the software.


I have great knowledge in Windows and I know my way around it very good, I can fix almost every problem or find a solution to any pc related issue and I am learning C++ and not really having a great time because my teacher is going to fast. :)


I don't know if I have any skills that will benefit or help any one in this forum, sorry. :(

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