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Hey guys i'm From Coimbatore, in southern India


I'm new to the whole hackintosh segment


i only have an ongoing project to install Hackintosh to my Sony VBCCB15FG Laptop which i bought last year.

it was a tedious process till now, I had to face so many problems from ACPI to DSMOS but finally got to install it only to find a black screen on first boot!!!


i became interested in Hackintosh when i used my friend's Mackbook Pro and found the same consistent performance, whatever the load placed on the system, and also it's UI was another major attraction.


I rate my hardware skills at 6/10 (Give me a completely dismantled PC and i'll fix it for u in half an hour, Give me a soldering iron and a board then i'm dead)


my Software skills are at 5/10 (only the whole file operations, cannot even write code to save my life)


i'm good with Win 7 OS but have been using PC's since win 98 and am also good with Android OS(Rooting-flashing-and the like)


I know basic C++ and Java and a fair bit on .NET(which is useless in these circles - I know)

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