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I'm from the UK currently living in Northampton

I'm new to this, trying to get a Hackintosh working over the last few days

So far I have tried a few methods but got to myhack via the latitudeosx site (as I am trying to get it running on a Dell D620)

My only experience is trying to get this working over the last few days

I'm interested in Hackintosh as I like OSX but would prefer to run on one of my intel laptops

An Infrastructure manager in a large web company gives me a general understanding of most technology involved in deliverying e commerce platforms. I run Linux (Fedora17) as a desktop along with Windows at home

No coding skills (only basic bash) and intermediate operator on Linux and Solaris

Well experienced in large scale web deployment (1000+ OS (Linux Centos/RHEL) and large scale loadbalancing and network infrastructures (100K http request/s and 3gb outbound)

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