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Hey everyone, I'm from New York, this is my first time with hackint0sh - didn't get it working yet. I've tried to install hackint0sh on a dell 15R laptop - and got stuck - couldn't get to the installer.


I use an imac - but didn't want to shell out for a macbook - so I got a cheapo dell instead. Cheapo dell got a virus, macafee failed to pick it up - of course. Decided it was time to wipe it out - and might as well switch to hackint0sh in the process.


Computer skillz - well I remember building computers and being excited that there was no 40 GB hard drives that were only $100. Just think of all the stuff you could put on that. So yah let's go with a fair amount.


Technical experience and programming languages - not really much - good at reading a direction and getting something to work and or breaking it in the process. Vague memories of setting up bitcoin rigs running linux comes to mind.


I'd be happy to help out if I know the answer, just not sure i'm there yet when it comes to hackint0sh.

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