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Howdy folks!!


I am PJ from Dallas, TX. I am farily new to the hackint0sh scene, say roughly nearly a month. I've been active in the irc channels, chatting with a few folks there and with Conti the other night, who's persuaded me to become a myHack fan. Especially that I hate gui's I love the fact that myHack is accessible through the terminal. I previously had an AMD system and was able to get a "somewhat" unstable install of snow leopard. I was able to get my hands on a hand me down intel core duo and mobo and am now trying to install mountain lion using myHack.


I've always been interested in hackintoshing since I've first heard of it 6 years ago, but never wanted to err on the unstability of the hackintoshes during it's infancy at that time. But now, I've grown to love macs since my wife owns one, I want one for myself, but not have to pay for the overpriced hardware apple sells.


I would consider my general computer skill level to be somewhere between intermediate and advanced. I am able to work my way around the unix/linux terminals. But I am not well versed on the inner workings of hardware and their drivers/kexts. I am also quite a noob with macs, so it's somewhat of a new game for me. But I'm learning as I go.


I am versed in Python, Mel, CSH, and Bash (since I used these often professionally). I am currently learning C++, yet I haven't got far on that.


I look forward to learning more of this crazy interesting world that is hackintoshing and helping newbies as they come along. At least offer what information I know :)


Anyone have any great books/sites that are great to read up on so I can further my understanding of the process?




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