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Hey I live in Ireland and Im originally from South Africa quite a change!!

Im extremely new to the whole hackintosh but ive had OSX now for a good few years and really loved the way it is!

I have a very short experience with hackintosh a bit frustrating because i used tonycrap's unifail and i kept coming up with problems until i searched and found myHACK!

My trigger to use hackintosh was the fact that i built my own pc and wanted a really good os on it and didn't like windows to much, i tried different linux distros but i still couldn't leave the Mac OS

Um skill level its varied I've only recently began to get into computers after need reconstruction of ligaments in both my knees so I've been out for 2 years with nothing to take my mind off things, so i picked up my laptop and decided i wanted to learn more about how it works and what makes it all into what it is.

At the moment i have no computer language under my belt Im trying to teach myself Python and C++ but my short attention span is not helping me! Ive also learning how to make introduction for YouTube channels on Cinem4D and have a wide range on how to use photoshop!

I would love to help the anyway I can and learn as much as i can.


much appreciated!


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