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Sorry I didn't read the forum quides before posting by first thread so here is the second version


I am from Cyprus, small island in the Mediterranean Sea.


This is my first time trying to install hackitosh on my laptop, i ran to many problems but I managed to boot from my USB for the first time and install ML. Here is were I stuck, I got a problem booting from HDD but I will explain more as soon as I get accepted :D


I want to make a hackitosh in order for me to check MacOS, I never had the pleasure to own a Mac. Also I want to use it for my studies and job.


I am Computer Science student, I have made programs in C++, JAVA, I also do some web design and development using PHP


My talent is that I can play the guitar :P


For the community, I can help if its needed, I was an administrator in many forums/websites I have good knowledge of PHP/mySQL/HTML/CSS combo, if you need anything I would be happy to help.


That's wrap my introduction. Thank you :D

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