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installation stucks on [IOBluetoothHCIController] [start]


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Hi conti, I'm a bit new in this of hackintosh, but at least i've read about. I have the same issua than in another post but the solution posted there didn't help me :S, my installation stucks on [iOBluetoothHCIController] [start] -- completed,


my laptop features:

Cpu: Intel® Core i5-2410M CPU @ 2.30GHz

Motherboard: Intel Corp. Emerald Lake (Huron River)

Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 3000



I did a new flash bootable with myHack, following the Guide for Mountain Lion (10.8) installation, i'v never installed OS X before, so it is a fresh instalation,

i tried booting with -v , -v GraphicsEnabler=No, -v -f, -v -x, and lot of flag combinations with no result

so i attach my DSDT.aml and a screenshot of the error, if you may help me i will be happy , i want to develop IOS apps, so doesn't matter if i don't get all functionalities, I only want to have Mountain Lion running .



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It's actually not stuck at IOBluetoothHCIController - that 'completed' - it is stuck at framebuffer initialization. So like the above poster mentioned it is a graphics related issue.


I see that you have integrated graphics only however so you will not find any help from changing the PciRoot flag. You were correct to try the GraphicsEnabler=No flag, which may or may not be required (depends on dsdt, which I do not have time to go through right now, sorry). What you are missing though is probably the correct smbios.plist - you need to emulate a mac model that utilizes the HD3000 for it to be initialized correctly, I had the very same issue on my own i5 2520M notebook not long ago. Once you add the correct smbios.plist to /Extra/ you will either be able to use GraphicsEnabler=Yes or it will require you make a minor modification to the dsdt's GPU0 section to inject the necessary parameters (I had to do this in my case).


Good luck to you, I hope this is enough information to help you sort it out, if not let me know and I will post additional information.

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Should myHack put/install a smbios.plist file? :S, i don't have it, so I need to get it , i have read i need a macmini 5,1 or 5,3 to work... is only copy and paste that file there (/Extra/) ? or I need to modify something else?, the same with my DSDT.aml file, its only put it there? thank you in advice and sorry for being some noob i just started :)

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