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I live in Japan. While I did build an OSX86 system about two years ago I've forgotten what I learned - so I'm new to this.


What originally got me interested was a need to process photographs and video faster than my first generation macbook pro could, combined with a shortage of funds. Upgrading an old G4 mac pro with an MSI board and Intel i7 860 processor seemed like the most efficient solution. I did get it to run vanilla Mac OSX 10.6 with about three extra kexts in e/e on the boot USB, but the on-board sound sound didn't work. I tried to get it to via DSDT modifications, but got distracted. I'd now like to upgrade the OS to 10.8 and see if I can do any better - although perhaps getting another motherboard might be more efficient.


The extent of my computer skills is barely enough Rexx to automate parsing and processing images for the web - so no low level or modern stuff. I used to understand C a bit, but not enough to do anything useful. So - no useful talents/skills, I'm afraid. If I come up with something I'll let you know...

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