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My name is Christopher, I am from Oneonta City, NY I am 28 years old.


I have been on the hackintosh scene before it was even coined, during the days of 10.4.4 Intel.


My experiences are generally in the Darwin kernel, I helped for a long time on the VooDoo XNU project, back then it was me and a few other friends just screwing around with voodoo from Linux and Android getting it ported to Darwin.


Our interests were in simply doing with computers what were previously impossible, it was never to intended to break EULA, it was just for fun, before all these kids decided it would be cool to "have a Mac" without actually having a Mac. It was exciting and new and just all around fun to see Aqua running on just about Intel architecture with SSE3. My views were to never bring OSX to the desktop, that was a fun side effect.


On a skill level of 1-10, I suppose I would rate around 11 :-P.


I know python, because of Gentoo and hence why VooDoo was originally written in python. I have never sought any sort of notariety or money for this because it was all only suppose to be just for fun as a hobby.


I am not entirely sure if my newer skills would be of any help as I stopped developing around the end of Leopard, I got annoyed because of projects making money off of my work, so the new XNU VooDoo 2.0 is completely devoid of much of the code I helped with as it was useless. Most of my work lately has been on Linux and furthering the open source community. I only recently installed 10.8 just to see how well it would work :) see what I could do, see what I could break, offer any help.


Ultimately if asked my views, I push people to use Linux as there is no reason not to anymore. I added some code for Wine which took it into the next century of compatibility so I do have some history here, and have a solid belief that using a closed source OS hacked onto a computer it was never meant for, is never the proper way to go and SOMETHING WILL BREAK. Installing OSX onto a computer is just a hobby and is never meant for anything other than toying with, and just buy the OS, it is only $20USD. Apple makes money and you know that you wont end up with a virus.

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