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ML 3.1.2 Installer reboots. Can't reach install screen.


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As per title.

I've been trying to install ML using 3.1.2 but the installer just keeps rebooting before getting to the ML install screen.

I've been using myHack for over a year now on the same system with Lion.


I've tried putting the working Lion graphics kexts (ATIRadeonX2000.kext and ATI4800Controller.kext) into /s/l/e AND into the EXTRA folder and then running 'myFix'.


Nothing I do is changing the constant rebooting.

Is this a case of Mountain Lion absolutely under no circumstances being able to support the HD4850? :cry:

Any help?



system in my sig.

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Replacing graphics subsystems with backports is not trivial in ML as lion simply does not function the same way. I suspect there are other extensions at play here which you have not considered. Yes it is a case of ML not supporting the framebuffer for your graphics device, but there may be a solution... though it may require considerable effort on your part.


Easy solutions: Stick with Lion until your next upgrade or swap your graphics device with something known to work.


Advanced solutions: Dig into the graphics subsystems further and find a way to get your device to initialize.


Sorry I can't help more than that... I have no experience with HD4xxx series graphics.

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Netkas has a 48xx exotic kext update for 10.8.x and it works fine for my 4850. Just make sure that you have the device ID's present in the two kexts.


I appear to have ML version 12A251. I have tried the Fantomas kexts labelled as version 12A269 but they do not work for me. I can't find any kexts by Netkas.


Tonight I will download the latest ML version (hopefully 10.8.2) and try the newer kexts by fantomas.


Cheers for your help.

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