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Name: Courtney Rogan

From: Charleston, WV, US

Hackint0sh Experience: None

Interest in Hackint0sh Triggered by: A need to support Macs at work, have a company issued Dell XPS 13, don't get paid enough to afford a personally purchased Mac Book. :P

General Skill Level: I work in IT for a living. I hold a few certifications (CIW Web Associate, A+), an ASB, and working on BS in IT. Novice/Expert.

Other OS Experience: Windows 95, 98, NT, XP, 7, 8. DOS. Various flavors of Linux. BSD. OSX Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion. Various portable OS, iOS, some Android, Blackberry, etc.

Skills I could bring to the community (optional): I have created tons of technical documentation. I am very specific and detail oriented. If I can figure Hackint0sh out, I would be happy to make very detailed instructions on what I did to get it installed and functional, if anyone is interested. I would like to help other noobs as much as possible. If I can't help, I'll volunteer to be really good moral support. :D

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