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Hi, I'm Seb.


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I'm Seb - I'm a programmer from Brighton in the UK.


Bit new to the whole Hackint0sh thing - not really sure to start, a few weeks ago I tried an iFail build - with definitely mixed results. I remember trying a "build" years ago after someone at uni had showed me and getting nowhere then too... so now I'm trying to "proper" way - after reading around a bit I'd kind of assumed that Mr. Tony was "Hackint0sh saviour". However on reading more and more around the place, it seems that this perhaps is part of his elaborate self-promotion and that in fact MyHack is what his work is based on... so I'm going to give this a go and see how I get on.


Like I say, I'm a programmer - my day job is game programmer and web software developer, working in (mainly) C++ and Erlang on Linux and Windows, with a good few years using Java, PHP and Python too. I do a fair amount of web-development freelancing as well.


I've been running Linux on my PCs for the last 10 years or so spending about 80% of my time in a console or emacs, (at work I need Windows for Visual Studio, but Linux for everything else) but recently have been getting more and more frustrated at having to reboot into Windows everytime I need to open something from a client in Illustrator or Photoshop, and the poor framerates in linux for playing games under Wine (like TF2, and even our game...!) - so decided it would be nice to keep all the unixy-goodness under the hood but with the vast third-party support of Mac for client apps and games when I want them; I'd like to have my cake and eat it!

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