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Hi all!


My name is Jack and I am 17, Nearly 18, from the UK, Leicestershire to be a bit more exact.


I'm rather new to Hackintosh, I tried to get some help over at that other site, but as you all probably know, the majority are very unhelpful, and rather...eh, you get the jist, and after reading a few threads on here, it would appear that they are liars too.


The main reason for trying to get a hackintosh running is that I need a Mac for college, It's what I've been learning on in college, and I decided that it would be easier to attempt this rather then learning windows programs also, but, as I can't afford a mac, this was the best way forward for me, but as a total novice I need a little guidance.


My general computer skill level is pretty good I would say, I've worked in a computer shop, I've built computers, I help run a few CentOS Gaming and teamspeak servers (Which has been a big and great learning curve), so I'm not a total noob when it comes to computing, but linux and mac is all rather new to me, I'ev done a fair bit of modding with iOS too on my iPhone, getting it how I want it, so I have a little experience, and from research its laid out the same it would appear.


I'm good with hardware, good with working out computer builds and I know my way around Windows 7 and 8 pretty well, so any questions with them I can help :)





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