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Hi there, new here!


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i live in Hamburg (Germany), using a hackintosh since 2007 i think. The First OS i installed was 10.4 using a crappy distro :) and i am using my hac since it was released i guess and went through any major OS Update until 10.7, my Problems with 10.8 are one of the reasons i finally registered here. I have a good understanding of both hackintosh, well i played arround with mine for over 5 Years and PC/Hardware stuff in general. i am working in a IT Department of my university. I know how to use and fix windows, linux or macos.


I frist tried osx86 because i always like the GUI of the Mac and beeing a poor guy and student never could afford one of the real things (i also think they are overpriced), osx86 was my chance to use it on my own cheap hardware and i have been using osx86 since then as my main OS.

Maybe because i like to trial and error and i just get bored if something works right of the box ;)


Anyway hope you accept me into the community!

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