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Good Night everyone :)

To stick to the rules I'll introduce myself first :)

I'm from Germany and currently study computer science at the University.

I have to admit that I'm new to the scene , even though I tried it a couple of times, I was not able to get my hackintosh completely running. I'm using my macbook for over 2 years now and during this time I became more and more used to the way you work with Mac OS and that's the reason why i decided to convert my Windows PC into OSX ,too. ( kind of, I broke my Windows partition somehow so I'm left with my Macbook right now^^)

Even though I was not able to master this story right now ,I'm capable of java, c++ and objective c;

So, in general I can control the machine, most of the times, for the rest, I'm hopping to find help here and maybe I can pay pack, as soon as I have some more experience.


Have a good Night out there

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