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Hello all,


I'm Rob... born and raised in New Orleans, currently living in Greensboro NC. I'm a retoucher by day, and a musician by night. My primary areas of expertise are Photoshop and Logic. As a creative person, I require the aesthetic of the Mac OS, but as a starving artist, I require the value of a Hackint0sh.


I've had my my desktop GA-H55-USB3, i7-870, GeForce 210, OS X 10.7.4 for about a year now, and just recently set up my dual-boot (Lion/MLion) laptop system HP 4530s i7 2670QM. Three years ago I hacked a Dell mini.


My general computing skill level is pretty high. I work in numerous applications that support my creative endeavors and have been for over twenty years. But as for programming and other behind-the-scenes computer skills, I'm afraid I rate quite low. But like Koko the gorilla, I can eventually put two and two together and have a bit of an epiphany, much to the surprise of my masters.


Still, I won't be much of an asset to this community (think 'leech') unless someone needs advice in my area of expertise, but to my credit, I always search and read before I ask questions that have been answered elsewhere. Unfortunately, the answer I seek is sometimes difficult to access; buried in a convoluted thread of seemingly unrelated posts. I do my best, however, not to be a nuisance. I do want to learn, not just be shown.


Teach a man to fish, an' all that…



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