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Like so many other - first to do is to thank Conti and all the other contributors here on this forum. Doesn't happen without you guys efforts.


- From: I'm from North Carolina, USA

- HackIntosh experience: None/new/OK trying to get a X86 laptop to run OS X for 1 week

- What triggered the interest: Well, I'm a geek at heart and by training. My son says I need to be a "hipster", and he is getting into music creation and, well, all the "real" musical authors use Apple.....

- Computer skill: Moderate to advance with PC's - I build all my rigs. Closed system Apple computers - NADA

- OS/Programming skills: Well, I have an MS-CS degree, but I won't date myself with the last time I actually wrote any code :-)

- Any talents/skills to offer: Not much, but I do have a knack for running into problems/issues!




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