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[REJECTED] bazmas


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I used myHack to configure a ML installation usb pendrive and all went well. Post installation I had a kc after trying to obtain audio. As I had over written my pendrive, I proceeded to rebuild an installation on it, however, myHack now comes up with this error message;


sh: -c: line 0: unexpected EOF while looking for matching ..... etc


In between the 1st and 2nd running of myHack I had installed ML on my iMac. Has anyone else experienced the same error? I have re downloaded myHack but it won't install, a folder .background comes up to be placed in Applications.

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I have not seen or had anyone else report an error like the one you have described. But this is not the place to ask for support.


You can visit the IRC server or post a proper introduction and gain access to the support forums, choice is yours.


Please read THIS again - carefully - before trying again.



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