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Hello all, Im a retired USAF enlisted man, currently living in Las Vegas, Nevada. My experience in the Hackintoash community is long but sporadic, I started four years ago in the ever present distro days and floundered through a few of them, managed to get 10.5 on a GA31M-E2SL and an ABIT KN8 later building an ABIT AW9D max, both of which ran swimmingly until I hit the 10.5.7 wall with our numerous iOS devices so I decided to get my feet wet again, then was pushed in by my wife XD. In all I have been OS angnostic, fairly comfy in Linux, Windoze et al, but prefered the mac environment since 7.2. As far as hackintosh, my main interest really was making something do something it was not supposed to. I would say I was pretty on top of things, epecially hardware, but other interests have been taking over in my dotage. No real computer languages though I have done a lot of sql and .net scripting for work. I wish I had more to offer and will do what I can. The only really useful skill I have had in this is patience.

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