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Christ almighty, now I remember why I typically never register on forums. Hopefully this time the account is activated, since I actually read the intro stuff, lol.


Posted as "punkmoocow" some info, but in skimming the stickied thread I missed the username-title bit and was locked out, so yeah, different account. (There's no option to delete your account it seems?)


Previous post:

"(I'll make this brief since I just typed the whole damn thing, only to accidentally click the BBCode link to the left and lose the page progress.)


What's up, new user from Colorado trying to work past various boot0 errors.


Can't access my Windows or OS X partitions to look up the PC specs, but I know its a common Intel (core duo possibly?) that seems to work for other users. The issue I have is that I recieve the boot0 error on startup.


In terms of its Hackintosh history, I first installed OS X with the Niresh12495 Lion 10.7 (ISO) build (which let me just say was awful, plus had the most vague and poorly written Readme's ever). The installation was somewhat successful, with the OS working fine, but the bootloader (Chameleon?) didn't work, and brought up the "boot0: error" error. I was still able to use BIOS to boot from the ISO-burned CD and then boot into the Mac partition from there though, so it wasn't a big deal (as long as the CD was inside). Next I erased the OS X partition and fresh-installed the Niresh 10.7.3, hoping to fix the issue with the bootloader, but no success. Then, on 10.7.3 I followed the instructions here (and a number of other sites, with other solutions) for the boot0 fix, being that a boot1h file needed to be installed on the hard drive which had the OSes installed on it. Followed the steps, file successfully went on the main HD, and I no longer got the boot0 error. Instead, I got an error which appeared something like the following:

"boot0: GPT

boot0: GPT

boot0: test" (there may have been another boot0 error after, but I think the test line was the last)


Fast forward to now, myHack 3.1.2/OSX 10.8 was freshly installed (it's probably worth saying I followed every step of the guide), and upon rebooting at the end of OS installation, the "boot0: error" was back. I just tried the same steps (boot1h file and Terminal transfer to HDD) to fix the boot0 error, but this time they are completely ineffective.


Also, now that the OS has been installed with myHack (instead of Niresh), I can no longer use my boot CD to then boot into OS X or PC, so the computer can't do much of anything except boot from my installation USB or of course display the dreaded boot0.


Any help would be much appreciated!

(Seems as though a few threads on here about this issue have been closed because the issue was 'fixed', though the fix isn't working (in my experience at least))"

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Sorry for the late response, I've been very busy, but yes I am aware that the code I put in place - while it works on my 4k drives and the 4k drives of others, does not work as universally as I had previously hoped. The issue is under development for the 3.2 release - in the mean time the closed threads may help you, if not you have but a short wait until I release myHack 3.2.



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